"Area" Steel

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The extremely lightweight aluminum in "Area" as well as in our full frame style "Series" allows for a much thicker profile than doing a style in Sheet titanium or stainless steel. This gives it a much more 3 dimensional look and feel than either Titanium or Stainless which remain very flat in their appearance. As far as coloration, again with Aluminum it undergoes a different coloring process than the other 2 materials.  It cannot be plated because extreme temperatures damage the material, so the spray colorations have an anodized coating which allows them to adhere to the metal and bonds the coloration better than the spray colorations on plating.  The thickness of the material itself gives a larger surface area which does help prevent the colorations from chipping on Aluminum.

Material: Aluminum
Bridge: Adjustable air filled silicone nose pads keep the frame balanced and comfortable on the face.
Size info (1): Eye-54, DBL-17, Temples-140.00
Size info (2): Eye-56, DBL-17, Temples-145.00
Wondering what all these numbers mean? There are three common measurements - horizontal lense width ("Eye"), bridge width ("DBL") and Temple length. Click on this diagram for details.



*frames don't come with the prescription lens