• "Graphite" Steel

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    We got the idea years ago from golf club shafts made from Carbon fiber.  Carbon Fiber is by nature, very strong and rigid and not exceptionally flexible. In 'Graphite' we sandwiched a super thin sheet of beta-titanium between the exterior layer of carbon fiber and injected rubber interior to give the frame a bit of elasticity."

    Usually it is stainless steel sandwiched between the carbon fiber temples, but this model is specific with the titanium half eye rim holding the lenses, so we sandwiched beta-titanium instead (same flexibility in sheet form as stainless steel, but a better overall material.

    Adjustable air filled silicone nose pads keep the frame balanced and comfortable on the face.

    Material: Carbon fiber

    Size info: Eye-53, DBL-19, Temples-140.00

    Wondering what all these numbers mean? There are three common measurements - horizontal lense width ("Eye"), bridge width ("DBL") and Temple length. See the diagram for details.



    *frames don't come with the prescription lens

  • $250.00

  • "Graphite" Steel
  • "Graphite" Steel
  • "Graphite" Steel

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