Over The Calf Bundle: 5 pair pattern & color assortment

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You will be receiving a 5 pair assortment of pattern & color as in the images displayed.  If you would like a specific color/pattern, please write that in the "Additional Comments" box at check out.

 These are the finest single knit jacquard socks made in the world. The single knit process offers a smooth surface to the touch and allows the socks to be thin, yet last a very long time. Each machine can knit about 45 pairs per day in two 8 hour shifts. You will notice in the toe area the seaming is flat. This is because the toe is hand looped which is the best known possible method of finishing the sock. This method was chosen because of how the sock feels when the shoe is on the foot and also for durability in washing.

70% Cotton, 30% Nylon. Made in Japan. Shoe size 9-12.