Exciting news! Our brand-new sock collection has finally landed, and I believe it's our best one yet.

When I bid farewell to my fashion venture, I made sure no resource went unused. I gathered the exquisite surplus yarns from our global factories and sent them to our trusted hosiery partner in Nara, Japan. Given that socks require minimal yarn, that stock went a long way. Eventually, to keep our sock production alive, I decided to invest in more of the unique yarns I adore – even if it meant stocking up for the next four years.

These socks? They're a work of art. Crafted with distinct printed, space-dyed, multi-hued heather, and beautifully variegated yarns sourced directly from Italy. While some of our previous yarn suppliers in the US and Japan have shut their doors, I was elated to reconnect with my favorite Italian supplier (they've since merged with another great company). Their yarns might come with a higher price tag, but the quality is unparalleled.

I hear some of you whispering, "Why not venture into shirts again?" Truth be told, diving back into that industry feels like stepping into unfamiliar territory. Not to mention, the specialized machines that once wove magic into our fabrics are no longer in service. To my surprise, my designs were the sole reason some of those machines were operational.

But here's what I know for sure: Socks are my passion and my pride. My partnership with the factory in Nara spans over three decades. They recently sent a heartfelt message expressing their joy in collaborating with me, a testament to our mutual respect and dedication. Their words hold immense value for me.

I invite you to experience the magic of our latest sock collection. Every thread, color, and pattern is a piece of my journey, and I hope you cherish them as much as I do.



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