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How I design, how I met Bill and Dana and how we work together.

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While Jhane designs the carpet, Tarkett manufactures and distributes it. Representatives are all around the nation. Please visit....

These textiles are produced in collaboration with Anzea Textiles, a Stintson company and distributed from Texas, throughout the nation. Visit...for a rep near you.

I started designing Fashion in the mid 70's and over the years recognized and invited to design for interior companies, mostly designing textiles for their furniture collections or panel systems as well as other applications; designing furniture was also fun; please read more in our 'About' sections.

We offer a small archive of fashion pieces on our site; we keep pulling from our libraries as we comb through them lightening up the historical inventory. Unfortunately sizes are very limited and quantities as well; more can be found online second had but be aware of wear, especially at necklines of shirts or sweater when previously owned by bearded men, or mostly scruffy beards.

Some local eyewear retailer and doctor offices may carry our brand; ask and if they don't suggest they should carry some pieces ; )

Online businesses have made it harder for smaller retailers to stock up with wide variety, we show and offer all available styles in our Shop here Online but if you want to check for retailers near you, please visit our License - Manufacturer - Distributer's website, Kenmark Optical to find where to buy Jhane Barnes frames. Please visit...