Late 1970s, 80s and 90s

  • 1998

    "Juncture" table

  • 1998

    "Juncture" sofa

  • 1998

    Jhane introduces a new Collection for Bernhardt Furniture called "Juncture".


Above image: Jhane honored as Designer of the Year at the Neckwear Association of America's 50th Anniversary awards ceremony.


Jhane designs, with Photo-Realism, a new printing process that allows images to be transmitted directly from computer to printer, using technology so precise that photographic quality is possible on any fabric.


Above image: Jhane launches a carpet collection for Collins & Aikman including a unique computer design system that allows interior designers and architects to create their own designs using algorithms based on Jhane's design. Jhane receives Good Design Award from the Chicago Athemaeum Museum of Architecture & Design for her groundbreaking carpet tile collection, Mosaic in Tile for Collins & Aikman.

  • 1996

    • Jhane receives Best of Neocon Award for the second time for her furniture collection for Bernhardt.


    • Jhane receives Good Design Awards for her textile collection for Knoll and her furniture collection for Bernhardt.


Jhane is featured in Wired Magazine in an article titled:  Jhane Barnes Fashion Nerd. Read the article.

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Above image: Jhane receives her Best of Neocon awards for her textile collection for Knoll and her first furniture collection for Bernhardt. Jhane's Otera table is featured in "Sourcebook of Modern Furniture".

  • 1992

    Knoll "Constructions"

  • 1993

    Knoll "Chronology"

  • 1994

    Jhane receives Gold Award from the Resources Council for her textile collection for Knoll.


Jhane receives Gold Award from the American Society of Industrial Designers for her textile collection for Knoll.



ROSCOE Award for "Vertical Variations" a fabric Collection of many designs for wall and panel, designed for Knoll Textiles.


  • 1986

    Jhane invents the stretch-woven fabric that she uses in a number of designs, including jackets, sweaters, and pants. Over the next decade it becomes one of her signature fabrics. Bruce Springsteen is seen wearing a Jhane Barnes jacket.

  • 1986

    Jhane says her life changed when she purchased her first Apple Macintosh computer (a MacPlus) in 1986. Rather than drawing things by hand and scanning them into the computer, she says she would see something in her mind she wanted to create and then use tools on the Mac to help her get there.


Jhane launches first collection of Contract Textiles with Knoll, one of the world's leading office furniture companies. She receives the first of four Gold Awards for her textiles collection from the Institute of Business Designers and Contract magazine.

  • 1982

    Jhane wins her second Outstanding Menswear Designer of the Year Award from Cutty Sark.

  • 1982

    Jhane began using an Atari computer as a design tool.

  • 1980-1981

    • Jhane becomes the first woman ever to win prestigious COTY award, and the youngest ever recipient.

    • Jhane wins the Inaugural Council of Fashion Designers of America Menswear Design Award and is named Outstanding Menswear of the Year by Cutty Sark.

    • With the debut of her "sportcoat blouson" Jhane's career was launched!
  • 1979

    Coming to terms with the fact that a couture business is difficult to sustain in America, Jhane expands her collection to include more classic designs, concentrating on the fabrics and textures for inventiveness. Teaming up with master tailor Eddie DiRusso, Jhane enters the fiercely competitive menswear market with a complete collection, designs characterized by fresh silhouettes and unique blends of yarns. The sportcoat blouson helps the launch of a successful business.

  • 1978

    Jhane's distinctive designs for men's jacket and pants begin to gain recognition. The many inventive features include bag pockets, button-up collars, and stylish molded shoulders. In these days, her futuristic clothing - including sparkling tuxedos - is popular with rock stars. Her customers include Elton John, Paul Simon, and John Lennon.


Jhane receives her first order for 1000 pairs of pants after a friend is spotted wearing a custom made pair in a Manhattan restaurant. She borrows $5000 from her biology professor to start her business.


Jhane begins making clothes for herself and her friends in junior high school. This leads to a commission from the principal to design uniforms for the school dance band.


Jhane Barnes born "Jane Barnes" in Maryland USA.