Our throws “Transformation”, "Zipper” and "Exacto"are knits and made on a very rare and special machine which can make small intarsia patterns. Intarsia knitting means that the patterns are clear, can have many colors and still be lightweight. This style of knitting is quite slow hence the reason for so few existing machines.  All three of these throws were designs I created for my men’s sweaters years ago. Maybe some of you will recognize the patterns! Each throw is 2 layers sewn together and each has a “field” design and a border design which is reversed on the other side. 

 "Squaring Up" and Fractal Maze are "stretch wovens”. The technology used to create these beautiful throws is our exclusive patented process that we used for many years in our light weight sweaters. In fact, these patterns were also sweaters before they became throws. The fabrics are a combination of wool and rayon chenille with a bit of Lycra added to achieve a puckered appearance - creating a cuddly, soft throw that is luxurious with a weighty drape. The throws are “double faced jacquards” so each side of the throw is the inverse of the other. The 5" border is constructed of two pieces of fabric, showing the inverse of the pattern on each side of the throw.