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NOTATION Blue Mirror

NOTATION Blue Mirror

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Made from a nylon sheet normally used for sun lenses and shields.  In the past we did a metal frame inside a plastic frame, and this was the next take on that unexpected concept.  Instead of using normal acetate for a plastic frame, decided to make a frame out of Nylon lens material to be a "lens inside a lens".  Doing so allows a wide variety of color options and all types of coatings you can put on sun lenses.

In "Notation" we used translucent gradient lens colorations and added just a flash mirror coating on the top half of the gradient, giving it a reflective quality when light hits it at a certain angle.

The temples are stamped with a linear pattern out of stainless steel making the frame extremely lightweight.

Material: Plastic

Bridge: Adjustable nose pads

Size info: Eye-49, DBL-22, Temples-145.00

Wondering what all these numbers mean? There are three common measurements - horizontal lense width ("Eye"), bridge width ("DBL") and Temple length. See the diagram for details.



*frames don't come with the prescription lens

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